Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter activities

I know it's a little bit late for the Easter post, but I'll go ahead and do it. Easter can't be complete without a egg dyeing and decorating (very biblical, I know), so that's what we did on Saturday.

It was the first year that Leah was really able to do it, and it was a lot of fun.

She naturally ate a couple of the eggs. She would have eaten them all if I had let her.

This is a creepy face... I don't really understand.

Our lovely finished product.

Elias just hung out in the yard, crawling and being cute.

I mean, he is very cute...

Easter Sunday was a great day. We had a wonderful Church service, then we celebrated the day with three families at our house. We did a non-traditional lunch (hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill), played in our little backyard pool, hunted easter eggs, and had great fellowship.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Tony had to go to Savannah for work this past week, and the kids and I were able to go with him. It was a nice little "vacation", so to speak, even though he had to work during the day. We spent a good deal of the time outside, as the weather was absolutely perfect the entire week.

We went to Tybee Island and had some beach fun

Leah loved playing in the water.

Eli, like his daddy, was not such a fan of it all.

We ate at Joe's Crab shack and saw some alligators, some real...

And some not so real...

We walked on river street alot...

She probably could have just looked at the river all day long and would have been perfectly happy about that.

and we even got to ride the ferry boat

We ate at all sorts of fun restaurants, like Spanky's vinnie van go-go's, and Lady and Sons

(funny tid-bit about this picture, I told Leah I would give her a sip of my tea if she smiled. She hates smiling for the camera...)

we played in City Markets fountains (which was just a huge cement hole last time I was there two years ago, so that was a nice surprise)

(she actually never even got close to the water... she ran around them in a very very wide circle)

And finally we played in the playground at Forsyth park (I never knew there was a playground there, and I have been there many many times... maybe I just never looked or cared because I had no kids at the time)

Another funny thing is that no matter how sunny it was, Leah always wanted to wear her hat backwards, "like Joel". At least she doesn't insist on walking around shirtless like he does.  (Love you Joel)

But, if you ask Leah how the trip was, she won't mention all those fun things she did. She will merely tell you (and she mentioned this to several people at church today)  "I slept in the closet."