Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So here's a quick update on everything that has been going on in our lives the past month or so:
- Tony is still working on base as an aeronautical engineer. Apparently he works on the J130's, whatever that means.
- I got a job in the ER here in Warner Robins and I will begin in about two weeks. I will be working 1 shift a week, or two shifts every 2 weeks (2 days on, 12 off). I have absolutely loved this time I have had off, but I think I am going to enjoy the 1 day a week. We'll see!
- We have been attending Houston Lake Presbyterian Church, and so far we have loved it.
- We don't have cable or even any basic channels. It has been difficult.
- I painted our kitchen yellow, the guest bathroom blue, and Leah's bathroom green and pink. (this is a picture of the kitchen)

- Leah is now walking like a maniac:

Oh, and Leah is also about to turn 1 ! Woohoo! Her birthday is october 28th, and we are going to be having a little get together with family. She is not really talking yet... she says dada and mama, but she babbles a lot in baby lingo. She is also a very determined and intense little girl: she wants what she wants, when she wants it. She has had many screaming fits, and she will ball her little hands up in anger. It's pretty funny, but its also kind of scary for later on in life.


  1. hey! loved seeing ya'll and the house yesterday. i'm snapfishing pics from the partay!

  2. Hey!! Glad ya'll are doing so well. The kitchen looks great and OMG Leah is so stinking cute! We'll have to together next time Nathan and I are in Macon. Miss ya'll!