Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Daily Conversations

Here is what 90% of my "conversations" with Leah consist of throughout the day:

Leah (upon seeing anything that remotely resembles an animal): "DOG!!!!!!!!!"

Me: "No Leah, that's not a dog, it's a car. Can you say car?"

Leah: "DOG!!!!!! DOG!!!!!!!!! WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!!!! DOG!!!!!!!!"

Me: "Leah, that's a car, not a dog. Can you say Car?" C-C-C- car...."

Leah: "DOG!!!!!!!!"

Me: (I take a deep breath and realize that my identity does not lie in how many objects my child recognizes, and how many words she can say correctly)
"that's right Leah, doggies go woof woof."

Leah (huge smile on her face): "DOG!!!!!!!!!!!"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A hot spring day

It feels like we bypassed spring and went straight into summer. Last week we had a few days in the 90's, but thankfully it has come down to the 80's this week. We took advantage of the hot weather by playing in the sprinkler and wading pool with the neighbors.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter sunday

We had an absolutely beautiful Easter weekend. It was in the eighties and sunny on saturday and sunday, and we spent a lot of time playing outside. Leah looked so pretty in her little dress, and we had our first sunday worship in our new church building. The easter service was great. The children's choir and adult choir sang, and the message was wonderful.

We had Easter lunch at the Ander's house, along with three other families. There were 4 kids 3 years old and under, and they had a fun easter egg hunt.
Jameson, Maisie, and Leah all going for the same egg.

Leah decided that eating the boiled egg was a good idea.
This is what happens around 5:00 when a 17 month doesn't get a nap. Life is so hard for toddlers!
All in all, a great Easter.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

my little garden

About 10 days ago Tony and I planted a garden. It's been a long time wish of mine to plant one. I have always wanted to live a little house on the prairie life out west, harvesting the land and riding horses, but alas, it's probably not to be. But this is a start, at least.

It's just a little 4x4 garden, and we are doing the gardening by square foot method. We are growing peppers, squash, tomatoes, snow peas, parsley, and okra. It's a different plant in each square. We figured we would see what grew the best, and then next year focus on just one or two plants. We will see how this works.

Leah has been such a helper. She tries to carry the water bucket for me!

Yay!!!!! After 10 days there are actual little plants growing. I guess sunlight and water do work.
I'm pretty sure these are the spinach plants.