Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Birthday and Halloween

Leah's first halloween was several weeks ago, and she was the cutest bumblebee ever! I chose this outfit because she loves singing the "bumblebee song" and gets very excited if I mention the word "bumblebee". We live in an awesome trick-or-treating neighborhood, and we went to several houses in our cul de sac to rack up on candy. Just kidding, we really didn't get much candy, and what we got, I ate. Anyways, it was fun.

This picture here was taken at the end of the night, and she was beyond exhausted. Oh, how sweet!
We celebrated Leah's 1st birthday on sunday the 25th. We chose this weekend mainly because it was a Georgia bi week. Yes, this was actually part of the reasoning, but Andrew couldn't come anyways, so it did not actually matter. Tony's parents, my parents, Zach and Sarah, Katie and Jered all came up for the "big celebration." I always said I would not do a big thing for her 1st birthday, but it was a good opportunity for everyone to come and see our new house. And, I got the chance to make this rainbow cake!

I'm not gonna lie, this cake was the highlight of the party for me. I was so proud of it. It was actually pretty easy to make, too. If you notice, the cake is scientifically accurate, except that i left out the indigo in the "ROYGBIV" anagram. I mean, what the heck is indigo?

The outside is not so nice. I am not a cake decorator.

Leah and aunt Katie! I know Katie misses keeping Leah overnight!

I didn't take many pictures with my camera, because Zach was there taking pictures with his, and so were mine and Tony's parents. They have way more pictures than I do.


  1. I'm gonna comment on this, like that I won't feel like a loser because no one comments. I'll just feel like a loser because I have to comment on my own posts.

  2. Such sweet pictures ! Leah is So adorable in her little bee outfit. I miss her. ...can't wait to see yall REAL SOON !

    BTW - the cake was incredible, Jess. I am and was duly impressed !

  3. BTW II This is from Mom even though it says TOM. We share this email account. ( how romantic, huh?)

  4. that was definitely some yummy cake! i will be stealing it for a bday party in the future i'm sure!

    Leah looks ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE in her bee costume. and I hate bees so that's saying alot :)

  5. It was a GREAT PARTY WITH GREAT FOOD and Leah is the cutest bumblebee EVER. You could have really racked up on candy!!