Thursday, April 1, 2010

my little garden

About 10 days ago Tony and I planted a garden. It's been a long time wish of mine to plant one. I have always wanted to live a little house on the prairie life out west, harvesting the land and riding horses, but alas, it's probably not to be. But this is a start, at least.

It's just a little 4x4 garden, and we are doing the gardening by square foot method. We are growing peppers, squash, tomatoes, snow peas, parsley, and okra. It's a different plant in each square. We figured we would see what grew the best, and then next year focus on just one or two plants. We will see how this works.

Leah has been such a helper. She tries to carry the water bucket for me!

Yay!!!!! After 10 days there are actual little plants growing. I guess sunlight and water do work.
I'm pretty sure these are the spinach plants.


  1. Just like Laura Ingalls Wilder..... YAY!

  2. very cool. i really wanted to plant a veggie garden this year but since we haven't moved yet I didn't think it'd be a smart move. We'll take any okra and squash you have too much of!!!!!

  3. Justin and I want to plant a pepper garden. What kind of peppers did you plant?