Sunday, March 13, 2011

just some pictures

I feel like we have not been doing much these past few weeks. Just hanging out at home, going one day at a time. Leah has become a bit "challenging" as of late, and it feels like everything is a battle. She reminds me so much of me it's ridiculous. I always think "where does she get this dramatic attitude?? I just don't get it." Then, I remember how I had to literally choke back sobs at work the other night because I opened up my salad from chick fil-a and realized they gave me ceasar salad instead of the strip salad. So yeah... she probably gets it from me.

Here are some pics of my wonderful children, though.

Elias is so sweet and happy. He is really delightful right now.

Leah is starting to look like such a big girl now. She really is a lot of fun.

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  1. There's just some times in life where food does not need to be messed with ;)