Sunday, November 11, 2012

We're on a Boat!

Our kids are obsessed with boats. Leah loves them, Elias yells "BOAT!!!! WOO WOO!!", every time we see one, and Elana points and screams. So the dolphin "cruise" (I use the term cruise very loosely here....) that we took was a huge hit. Except for the fact that once we were on the boat, Elias seemed oblivious to the fact that we were, in fact, on a boat, and kept on screaming BOAT!!!!!!!!!! at all the other boats we passed. Pretty funny. 

Oh, and apparently the boat was a little bit too loud for the poor dear.

We saw a ton of dolphins. They were actually jumping up right around our boat, and were "wake surfing" behind us. It was pretty awesome. However, we were not able to get any good pictures of this because we were too busy trying to keep our babies from falling into the water. Priorities, right?

By the time we got back to the dock the sun had almost set, and it was freezing. It was really really fun. Elias did enjoy it, I swear. 

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