Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Airplane Graveyard

So the other day it was absolutely glorious outside, so we decided to take the kids to the air museum and play on what I like to call the airplane graveyard. Basically, its a huge field behind the museum where they keep tons of old planes. It's pretty awesome. 

 Yeah... I don't know if we are allowed to actually sit and climb on the planes, but there was no one there telling us no.... so we did.

Don't worry... this wing is actually a lot wider than it looks. I swear they aren't teetering super close to the edge.

That's right... our kids jump off airplanes.

Ah, nothing says a good time like sticking your face in the exhaust pipe of a missile.


  1. Good shot of Elana with the sun behind her. Way to capture the natural light. I'm sure you totally did that on purpose, as you are a pro with the ins and outs of photography.