Wednesday, February 24, 2010


For the past couple of weeks, Leah has been accessorizing! Oh, I am so proud. She wants to put on every necklace she finds, and she also wears her bumble-bee antenae's everywhere. She definitely has her mother's sense of style.

This outfit would make Aunt Katie proud. Skirt, cool necklaces, legging... All she needs now is some boots!
Oh, and she also has a fascination with toothpaste. Don't worry, the cap is on.

Our sad little remnants of snow on a sunday morning.


  1. Hey....just remind Tony not to ever put her to bed with those necklaces around her neck or in the crib..... had to say it..... can't help you......remind Tony......

  2. I want a copy of the picture of her in the tree. PRICELESS!

  3. Awww... what a cutie. Love the dress in the last picture. :)