Monday, May 31, 2010

2 weddings

Within the past couple of weeks we attended 2 weddings. My younger brother Andrew, and Tony's older brother Javier. They were very different, and we had a great time at both. Andrew and Krista got married at our church in Gainesville; it was big, fun, and lots of family and friends were there. We had a great time hanging out with family and relaxing in Gainesville. The ceremony and reception were beautiful, and the Palmer family did a great job with everything. I did not take any pictures while I was there, though.... so no pics of that here.

Javy and Angel had a destination wedding in the Florida Keys, and we had a great mini vacation down there. Their wedding was on the beach, and we stayed at the coconut cove resort.

This is the actual "cove" at the resort.
It was a lovely little place with a great view of the ocean and an awesome pool. We spent the two days were there playing in the pool and hanging out at the beach. Leah absolutely loves playing in the water, and she had a blast the whole time.

I could never get her to look at the camera, so most of the pictures I have are of her hat or the top of her head.

This was taken right before the wedding.

The beautiful beach ceremony at almost sunset.
The day after the wedding we went to a little outdoor aquarium. We saw a parrot, dolphin, and Sea Otter show, took a tour on a bottomless boat, and saw all sorts of other marine animals.

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