Monday, May 24, 2010

New Bookshelf

Okay, this post may seem a little bit braggy, but that's because I am extremely proud of myself; I made this bookshelf all on my own! And when I say make, I actually mean make, not assemble. Like out of real wood, that I measured, cut, screwed together using an actual drill, sanded, and stained.

Okay, well Tony technically sawed the boards for me, but that's just because the skill saw is really loud, and I don't want to cut my arm off. But everything else I did on my own! I followed the plans from a fabulous blog called "knock-off wood", which my sister in law Sarah told me about. This blog has ridiculously cute furniture and she details how to make it. I think this may be my new hobby. I want to make an end table and a coffee table to match the bookshelf, and maybe even a farmhouse style dining room table.

Here is the view from the back. This is actually a "room dividing bookshelf" that separates our living room from what is currently the playroom, so this is the side that we see from the playroom. I sanded the back, painted it with magic magnet paint from Lowe's, then added a top coat of magic chalkboard paint to it. So now it's a magnetic chalkboard that Leah loves to draw on. Pretty cool, huh? So far she can only draw lines, but I see a bright artistic future for her.

Here is how this project began; I was looking at this blog, and was trying to convince Tony to build me a bookshelf:

Me: "Why don't you build this one?"
TOny: "I don't want to build one. It will just come out lopsided and I will have wasted time and money"
Me: "Fine. I'll build it"
Tony: "You can't build a bookshelf"
Me: "Um, well, I'm going to build it!"
Tony: "There's no way you are building that."
Me: "Oh, I'm so doing it. "

The next day when Tony got home from work I had written out all the supplies we needed.
Tony: "I thought you were kidding about this"
Me: "Nope, we're going to Lowe's!"

Two days later my lovely bookshelf was finished, and I discovered that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. What started out as an attempt to prove myself may become a huge hobby of mine. Maybe not, though.


  1. Wow , super job ! i thought you were kidding when you said you were making a bookshelf. I'm so can do ANYTHING !!!!!

  2. That was me...your mom.....who said that....not some creeper. I don't know how to do this stupid blogger account.... Love you, Mom

  3. I am so proud! Yay for girl's picking up the tools and getting to work. :) I have a whole list of projects from the site on my to-do list. I have already made the little picnic table for Connor and a HUGE (seats 8-10) table or our back patio.

    Keep up the good work and please post anything else you make.

  4. AWESOME!!!! I'm beyond proud and impressed. I have yet to build anything but have a list of tons of things that I want!