Saturday, December 25, 2010

christmas day

Christmas day started off pretty rough for me. After all, I had to work, and it was an awful night. I spent the first 3 hours of my shift holding manual pressure on a patient's bleeding perm-a-cath, which never did stop bleeding. It was not the preferred way to spend my Christmas Eve and the wee hours hours of the morning. But I got through it, and I slept from about 6:00 am to 9:00 am, and then we opened up presents. 

Leah found "dorge monkey" and Abby peaking out through her stocking. I know... her hair rocks. 

After she opened her stocking saw all of her candy, the only thing she wanted was more flintstone vitamin gummies. 

Eventually she got over the gummies and began to open her big presents. It was one of those thomas the tank railway set, except that it was not thomas, it was the melissa and Doug collection. Still good, though. 

I got a new camera, with which I have been taking all these pictures (I don't think that sounds right, but whatever). Leah posed happily at first.... 

and then apparently got tired of all the pictures. 

After that we packed up (this little guy helped a lot) and headed to Columbus to see Tony's parents.  

Where we opened more presents. 

They bought Leah a wagon, and it was a big it for both of them. 

Leah pulled her little buddy in the wagon, and he seemed to enjoy it. 

I got one picture of me looking at least halfway decent. 

and I don't know how or when this picture was taken. 

Leah and Eli got to hug, 

and I have no idea what was going on here.... 

And finally the day ended much like it began.

 Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

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