Wednesday, December 22, 2010

super high

Our neighbors put up an awesome swing set in our side yard a couple of months ago, and it's been great. Leah loves to play on it and she has become really good at swinging on a "big girl swing".

Whenever she swings she yells "SUPER HIGH" the whole time.

She literally swings as high as she possibly can. It's kind of scary, but so far she has been fine.

She did not, however, want me to take pictures of her..... which I did anyways.

She got over it pretty quickly, though.


  1. OK she can swing by herself? Like pump her legs and everything!? Micah will not even try it. Yeah he's definitely he's daddy's little boy!

  2. She doesn't pump.... she tries to by jerking her arms, but she wants me or Tony to push her. Yeah.... she is definitely like . Watch out, though, cause Micah will become a super daredevil at around 15 :).