Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good idea/bad idea

Here is a very fun activity for a bunch of little kids to do during a snow day:

Finger painting with raw potatoes as shape stamps. It's very fun as long as you don't freak out about paint on your walls and curtains. 

Micah, Connor, and Leah had a blast doing this. 

Miraculously, they kept the paint on themselves and the paper, and not on my walls, cutain, and carpets. 

This was another great idea: playing on the dining room table with shaving cream. This kept them occupied for a while. 

The best part was that it made my table ridiculously clean when I wiped it off, which was nice. 

Now this was not a good idea: 

The point of said activity was to draw shapes in a pan full of flour, but I guess she is still a little young for that, because the flour ended up everywhere. 

Flour is not as easy to clean. 

And it's a lot easier to throw. 

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