Sunday, January 16, 2011

Leah Sayings

I thought I would take the time to write down some funny things that Leah is saying now, before I forget them all. She makes me laugh all the time. 

"Mommy come look at my pee-pee!"

Leah  - "Mommy, whats dat?  
Me - "well Leah, it's Eli's penis"
Leah - " where my penis??" 
Me - "You don't have one, because Eli is a boy,and you are a girl. 
Leah - "daddy is a boy"  She then proceeds to run to Tony, hit him in the crotch, and yell "that's your penis!" we might need to start teaching a little about modesty. 

"It's a bird! Birds fly like dumbo!"   

"Stop singing Mommy! I reading the bible!"

I briefly walked out of the room where Leah and Eli were playing. Eli started crying, and I heard Leah say: 
" Is opay Eli.... Mommy come back soon. She right outside de door" 

My personal favorite: 
"No ma'am Buddy! That's my food. You eat mommy's boobies!" (she calls Eli buddy sometimes)