Thursday, February 3, 2011

6 months

My little Elias is 6 months old today! Time really has just flown with him. It's so much different with the 2nd baby than the first. It's kind of sad, really.... with Leah I could just sit and watch her, and focus all my attention on her, and with Eli I have to make a concerted effort to spend that quality time with him. I blinked, and now he is halfway to a year! Crazy!

Here are some pictures from the start of his very short life until now.

My little buddy at 1 day old. 

His first bath at home. 

The first hint of a smile... he's so sweet. 

A nice real smile

Learning how to roll over 

Chillin like a villain in the swing 

Practicing sitting 

playing with some toys

Eating some foods (so far he has been eating carrots, bananas, avocadoes, and rice cereal).  Little man loves to eat. I wonder where he gets that from. 

He is ridiculously happy, except for when he's not. 

He loves chewing on EVERYTHING. This kind of upsets Leah... She will say  "Eli, don't put dat in you mouf!"

He loves going on wagon rides 

Especially if Leah is pulling him.

All in all, he is just a sweet, cuddly, happy, adorable little guy. 

I think I'll keep him. 


  1. cute boy! I understand your dilemma but for me it's the opposite. I feel like I had to focus so much on Connor's needs that Micah just kept getting bigger and I missed it!

  2. What a sweet , sweet boy ! I want to help you by baby-sitting him, but I am not able to right now. I love you, though, and miss you and Eli and Leah so much. Love, Mama