Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Playing outside and Chandler Bing

Elias LOVES playing outside.

Any time the door opens, or if the door even looks like it is going to open, Eli will run towards it and make a break for the great outdoors.

He could stay out there forever, and now that it's a little cooler outside, we spend quite a bit of day going from backyard to front,

eating sand, playing on swings and slides, and chasing cats.

In other news, Leah kind of reminds me of Chandler Bing from friends. Let me explain.. You know that episode where Chandler can't take a picture? That's kind of how Leah is. She will have a beautiful smile, but the second she looks at the camera, and I snap the pic, it turns into something like this:

Or this:

If she is aware that a picture is being taken, she will lift her head, close her eyes, and squint. I have to catch her off guard in order to get an all-natural smile like this one:

and this one:

I guess since she is only two we will work on the smile for the camera thing a little later. I just want her to be ready for all the pageants we are going to enter her into. I have been watching Toddlers and Tiara's, and I can't think of a better way to spend our time and money.

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