Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The other day Leah was "helping" me in the kitchen, and I made the mistake of turning my back to her. When I turned back around she was on the chair next to the counter, and had opened up the sugar container and was eating it with her fingers.

A strange, random picture raced through my mind.... You know that scene in Jurasic Park where the velociraptors are trying to break down the door, and all of a sudden you see them jiggle and eventually open the handle? And then Mr. Hammond (the old dude who made the park) said, with an ominous voice : "The're learning!" Yeah... that part has always really freaked me out for some reason.

But anyways, that's how I feel about the kids sometimes. Every day they learn something new, and do something different. It's awesome, amazing, wonderful, fun, and yes, terrifying. Leah is opening things she once couldn't open, she is reaching things she used to not be able to reach, she is picking up on things she used to be oblivious to. Same for Elias; he can climb up on pretty much everything, and does, all the time.

Now don't get me wrong, I love the fact that they are learning and changing like this. I love how everyday they surprise me. But it definitely feels like my control is slowly slipping. It's a preview of how I won't  always be able to dictate everything they eat, wear, watch, play with, etc. I have a loooonnnnng way to go in trusting God with the safety and ultimately the lives of my children.

I told Tony about these thoughts, and he said: "Yeah, they're growing, learning, adapting, mobilizing, and multiplying. Soon, they'll outnumber us!" I thought that was pretty funny :)

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  1. "Why are they all crawling so close together?!"

    This made me think of that :-)