Monday, February 21, 2011

"I do it!"

Oh, those three little words: "I do it!" How much they are annoying me right now. Leah wants to do everything herself, which I know is good thing, and totally normal at this stage, but man it can be frustrating. Especially when we actually do have to get somewhere, and the getting dressed is not progressing very swiftly.

She definitely tries hard though.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mommy look!

"Mommy look! I helping Eee-i feel better!"

Apparently she heard him wake up from his nap and decided she would go join him. Either that, or she woke him up by climbing in the crib with him. Who knows.... I really should watch them a little closer.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

mirror mirror

The other day I brought the mirror down from upstairs so that Eli could sit there and look at himself, and hopefully be amused for a few minutes.

He was indeed amused. On a side note, I tripped and fell headfirst down the stairs while carrying it, and I thought I was going to be lying unconscious amidst a pile of broken glass while my kids ran amuck in the house, but luckily everything was fine. Okay, not completely fine; the mirror fell on the back of my leg, and it really hurt... but at least a piece of broken glass did not sever my femoral artery or anything.

Okay, back to cute pictures.

This reminded me of pictures of Leah in front of a mirror when she was just a little bit older than he is now.

Man, what a chunker!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monkey see, monkey do

I'm not sure who is copying who here:

All I know is that it was a beautiful day and we spent it outside!

Leah is definitely copying me, wearing her "special baby" just like I wear Eli.

She walked around saying "I wear baby in my carrier!"

I love the weather we are having lately! Sunny, in the high 60's. I hope it stays like this for a least a couple of months; you know, before it jumps to the 90's.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

6 months

My little Elias is 6 months old today! Time really has just flown with him. It's so much different with the 2nd baby than the first. It's kind of sad, really.... with Leah I could just sit and watch her, and focus all my attention on her, and with Eli I have to make a concerted effort to spend that quality time with him. I blinked, and now he is halfway to a year! Crazy!

Here are some pictures from the start of his very short life until now.

My little buddy at 1 day old. 

His first bath at home. 

The first hint of a smile... he's so sweet. 

A nice real smile

Learning how to roll over 

Chillin like a villain in the swing 

Practicing sitting 

playing with some toys

Eating some foods (so far he has been eating carrots, bananas, avocadoes, and rice cereal).  Little man loves to eat. I wonder where he gets that from. 

He is ridiculously happy, except for when he's not. 

He loves chewing on EVERYTHING. This kind of upsets Leah... She will say  "Eli, don't put dat in you mouf!"

He loves going on wagon rides 

Especially if Leah is pulling him.

All in all, he is just a sweet, cuddly, happy, adorable little guy. 

I think I'll keep him. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

cubby bench

I whipped this baby up during nap time yesterday

I really like it, and it was very easy to make. It's going to be our bench, shoe/purse/diaper bag holder. It helps that area look a little more organized.

Leah liked it. She thought it was her own personal "lilul" bed.

Here is my before:

Here is my after:

I think it looks a little bit better. I'm still trying to figure out what color I want to paint it. I'm thinking about red, but I'll probably look around for a little bit.