Wednesday, January 11, 2012

funny things

Leah talks alot. Incessantly, actually, and she's usually pretty hilarious. Or at least I think so. There are probably hundreds of things she has said, and I'm gonna try to write down a couple of them.

Leah- "I want a real dumbo Jr. For Christmas!" (dumbo is an elephant, fyi)
Me- "Dumbo is really big... where would he sleep?"
Leah- "He can sleep in my bed!"
Me- "then where will you sleep?"
Leah- "In your tummy!"

"Mommy, when I get huge like you, and grow up, and wear big bras, and have a baby in my tummy, and feed the baby with my boobies, then I can drink diet coke. But not now, cause that's an adult drink, and I'm just a little child."

"Ugh!!!!!!!!!!! Why is it getting dark outside again? Stupid World!!!!!!!!"

At the zoo, looking at the alligators :
"If that alligator gets out and tries to eat buddy, I'll jump on him, and hit him down, and bite him so hard, and eat him all up!"

"When I get bigger, and you are a little baby, then I will be in charge."

"Jesus isn't in my heart. He's in my neck. But we can't see him cause he lives in the sky."

"Mom! He's messing up the whole house! But I'm not, cause I'm a perfect princess!"

"Dear God, please help mommy be kind to others"

She has started having bad dreams lately, so one day we asked her what she dreamed:
"There were cows" she said. I asked "what were the cows doing?" "Nothing" was her answer. Sounds pretty scary to me!

- "Leah, did you have any dreams today?"
-"No dreams, just elephants in my head."

"Can I put gum in your hair?"
"No. Put it in your mouth"
"Can I put it in Elana's hair?"
"NO, keep it in your mouth"
"Can I put it in Elmo's hair?"
No, keep it in your mouth
"Oh wait Mommy, I have a great idea! I'm gonna put my gum in my mouth!"

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