Friday, February 3, 2012

25 Random things

So some of my friends have been doing the 25 random thing post on facebook. I did one two years ago, so I just reposted that one, but it kinda made me want to do a new one. But, I didn't want all of my hundreds of friends on facebook to think that I am that lame person who has to write about themselves constantly, so I decided to write one on here. You know, cause way less people read my blog. (just as a side note, I'll probably re-use some material)

1. I never, ever, ever, fill out or do a "random things" posts. No exceptions.

2.  I hate throwing parties of any kind because I'm afraid no one will show up, and I'll be left with a huge cake a sense of intense self loathing.

3. I have developed a strong affinity for Sid the Science kid. I used to hate him... but his infectious enthusiasm has grown on me.

4. My celebrity crushes are: Jack Bauer (NOT Keifer Sutherland... the actual Jack Bauer character), Andy Griffith, you know, from the Andy Griffith show, not Matlock;  and Pa , from little house on the prairie (the TV show, not the book). Also detective Elliot Stabler from Law in Order SVU.

5. On that note, growing up I felt a strong kinship with Laura Ingalls Wilder (from the books, not the TV show). Probably because we both have brown hair. Our bond was real.

6. When we were growing up we watched the Andy Griffith show, Little House on the Prairie, Leave it to Beaver, and Gilligans Island. I literally thought this was what the "normal" American Teen watched during the 80s and 90s. I had no idea these shows were from the 50's.

7. I used to think that "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" was a French TV show.

8. I thought Celine Dion only sang in French.

9. If you haven't guessed by now, I grew up in France.

10. I am incredibly obsessed with Harry Potter. I kind of want to be a witch. Not the bad kind though. No unforgivable curses for me.

11. I just read the Twilight series. I read all four books in less than a week. I have been having weird vampire dreams.

12. As evidenced by numbers 10, 11, and 5, I tend to develop strange bonds with the characters I read about in books.

13. I love love love love love chick-fil-A. I actually tear up and become emotional when I talk about it.

14. I think I would make an incredible football announcer. I know reading this will actually make Andrew and Joel cringe (they hate female announcers).

15. During football season I listen to Mike and Mike every morning (or I try to... it's gotten progressively more difficult to do with each child added to the family)

16. I used to be very afraid of the telephone. And by afraid, I really mean afraid. I probably should have been medicated for this. It's gotten a little better.

17. I am an ER nurse, so I am a little bit jaded when it comes to accidents/injuries. If you are ever injured, and I say something like "wow, that's awesome", that probably does not bode well for you.

18. I have been on weight watchers for the past month. I would like to say this has been easy, but it hasn't. I love food.

19. I tend to sing the wrong words to songs. All the time. Even Leah starts correcting me now.

20. I started this post about 8 months ago, and I am just now coming back to finish it. Kind of depressing. Both because I didn't originally finish it, and because I'm actually coming back to finish it. Figure that one out!

21. I used to be a good writer. Now it pains my brain to put two sentences together.

22. As a testament of love to my husband, I have been watching Star Trek with him for the past two years or so. We have watched all of Star Trek next Generation and are now watching Star Trek Voyager. I'll admit that it's growing on me.

23. Ever since 24 and Lost ended almost two years ago (has it really been that long?) I have not had a show that I could really obsess over. I miss it. Please give me suggestions. I like to be obsessed with things.

24. If you ever hear me say "Why are they crawling so close together!!!!!!" and you know what I mean by that, then you know me very well.

25. I can't think of a 25th thing right now, and my kids are awake from their naps. So I'm going to publish this even though it's incomplete, because if I don't then I never will, and all of this hard work will be for nothing.


  1. I seriously don't think I laugh along with anyone more than you when I read a blog. You are cracking me up with all the realness and similarities.

  2. Hilarious! Can't wait to see you and the kiddos soon! It's going to be fun and ....interesting.