Monday, September 30, 2013


Leah started kindergarten this year. She is only 4 (will be 5 in october), and we are doing a co-op/half school/ half home-school thing called Veritas. She goes to school on tuesday and thursday and we do school at home the other 3 days.

She really really loves going to school. So far this has worked out very well for us. I love having three days where we can learn and explore together, and do things like look at caterpillars.

(just for the record, I don't want people to think that it has all been caterpillars and jubilant learning, there have been a lot of tough moments too.)

Not only that, but it has been really nice to spend time with just the two little ones. I can focus all my attention on them, and really get down on their level. They are truly learning how to play together, and that is delightful.

We still have a little bit of this too, though. This is definitely one of my favorite pictures. Elana is mad that Elias is on the house with her. Elias is crying because Elana is screaming. Classic.

Oh, and for the first time since I began this motherhood journey I have not had a consistently awesome nap time (the kids nap, not me).... This little guy rarely naps anymore. I keep him contained in his room for about 45 minutes to an hour, and then we hang out and take selfies for about an hour or two. It's pretty nice, actually.

And here's a cute picture of Lana for good measure.

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