Friday, January 31, 2014

snow day

So I haven't been posting on my blog. There are several reasons for this, reasons that I don't really know what to do with. First of all, I'm not that interesting. Second, I'm not a great writer. Third, I don't take great pictures. Taking pictures actually kind of stresses me out... Fourthly, I stuggle with how to much to share in this on-line world in which we now live. But anywho, we had a snow day, and those only come around every 3-4 years or so, so this is definitely a blog worthy event.

I was kind of worried about how Elias would like the snow. He hasn't worn socks all winter long... and so far has only worn his spiderman sandals. It's really never been cold enough to be a battle I wanted to fight, but I knew that I couldn't let him in the snow like that. Thankfully, he was so excited about the snow that he wore his socks and boots with very little resistance. 

Seriously, how cute is he? He's wearing Tony's motorcycle glove... so he's calling himself "snow Hulk". And he wore his Bob the Builder goggles and toolbelt. Btw, he calls both the gloves and the goggles "gobbles." 

Leah probably had the most fun during the day. She stayed out there the longest, impervious to the cold. She played with the neighbor boys, had some snowball fights, and made tiny snowmen.

Elana came outside in 5-10 minute increments. She would come out, hang out for a bit, and then say: "I go back inside." The base shut down, so Tony was able to be at home for a couple of days, making it alot easier to have kids coming and going from outside. We would just take turns playing outside, and warming up inside.

We took a very short walk down the street.

 They were really proud of this tiny snowman.

So after nap time I figured Elias was done. He was insisting on staying inside Tony while I played outside with the girls, but when I finally came in, he told me wanted to "go outside with mommy." So even though I was already freezing, I jumped at the chance.

Because I would seriously do just about anything to see this smile. We played outside just the two of us for quite awhile. Very few things bring me joy like seeing my children truly having fun. 

So yeah... this is downside of snowday. Pretty much this, all day. We got dressed, played, came in, made a huge mess, and then went back outside 30 minutes later. x 10. All day. It was awesome.

We had to get in some snow day selfies as well.

 The next morning we went out right after breakfast to get some more playtime in before all the snow melted.

We stayed out there for a while. we even made a bigger snowman. This one is a little more respectable.

It was a great couple of days for us. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be in the 70's this weekend... Georgia is so weird.

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  1. So sweet, Jess. The snowmen are hilarious. Also, just make your blog private. Problem solved.