Friday, January 30, 2009

So I am actually writing this blog whilst I am at work. How fun! Excuse my language, but this night has been hell until about right now (4:00 am). Thankfully, we are down to about 6 patients in the ER right now, and none of them are very sick. We just ordered some food and are sitting around stuffing our faces. Hopefully I will be able to go through the rest of my shift without seeing another patient, but I highly doubt that this will be the case. Okay, I have to go and do some actual work right now. I bet that tomorow they are going to block this website and I will no longer be able to blog here.

PS... The time on this post says 1:01 am. It is not that time. It is actually 4:00 am. Just thought I'd let yall know.


  1. Blog looks good, Jessica. Welcome to blogland. Keep trying with the pictures. It gets easier with practice just like everything else. Your baby is the cutest ever! Excepting my own, of course!