Tuesday, June 29, 2010

garden update

Okay, so the pictures on the last post did not turn out as planned. I uploaded them from facebook, and I didn't know half of the picture would be cut out. Oh well. If you want to see some pretty pictures of our trip just go to Sarah's blog, May Days on my sidebar.

Anywho..... several months ago I planted a garden. It was our first garden, and I really didn't, and still don't know exactly what I'm doing. Here are the plants that actually grew and gave a good yield:
- squash: We were overrun with squash for about two weeks. I couldn't cook it fast enough. Next time I'll grow a lot more squash, but I'm going to space them out every few weeks so they don't all come in at once.

- Cherry tomatoes: those have just started to bloom, and they are fantastic. I have already used them to make a roasted bell pepper and tomato salsa, and I have put them in salads. I still have plenty in the garden that are just waiting to ripen.

- Regular tomatoes: not as high a yield as the cherry and they are still ripening, but at least they grew, right?

- Cilantro: we had fresh cilantro in various dishes and salads for about a month. I found out that I love the taste of fresh cilantro, and I'm going to dedicate several squares to it and I'll try to grow them for the fall as well.

Here are the once that failed miserably:
- parsley: we had maybe only one measly leaf grow. It was pathetic.

- Snow peas: very viney, and not a high yield. Not worth it.

- Garlic: Yeah..... I have no idea what that was supposed to do.

- Okra: it was terrible. Hard as a rock, low yield, and even when I fried it and covered it with ketchup it tasted horrible. I'm not sure what went wrong, maybe I harvested it either too soon or too late.

- Spinach: I shouldn't have planted it in the summer. It wilted as soon as the sun touched it, darn georgia heat. I'm going to try this one for the fall as well. Apparently I missed the memo about it being a cooler weather plant.

My peppers are still up in the air. They have grown, and there are little flower buds, but no actual pepper yet. We will see!

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