Thursday, August 5, 2010

Elias Miguel Bermudez

On tuesday, August 3rd we welcomed Elias Miguel Bermudez into the world. He was 8lbs 15 oz's, 21 inches, and absolutely beautiful! 

Here is a short run down of the birth story: I began labor early that morning around 1:30 am. They were very mild, and were about 7 mins apart. By 6:00 they had completely stopped. At 1:00 ish PM they began again, this time a lot harder and longer, but still not so bad that I felt I needed to go in. I called Tony from work and he came home, and then thought, well, I might as well let my dr. office know what was going on. Good thing I did. I talked to the midwife there, and she suggested I go ahead and come to the office for a quick check, just to see how far along I was. At this point it's around 4:30. 

We packed up Leah and our suitcases, just in case, and headed towards the office. I went straight back with the midwife, and as soon as she checked me I saw her eyes get all wide. She told me I was 9 cm, and that my water bag was bulging. We immediately left for the hospital (not even 10 minutes away), and she met us up in the delivery room. We checked the heart tones, started an IV in my forearm "just in case" (the nurses insisted), my water broke, and the baby was born barely 20 minutes after arriving to the hospital. I left the Dr. Office at 5:05, and the baby came at 5:44. I have to say, it was a very terrible few minutes of pushing, but overall a pretty great labor and delivery experience. 
sweet little baby.

Leah watching Sesame Street on thursday morning