Saturday, June 11, 2011

10 months

Okay, this post has been a long time coming, because he is now 10 months old and several days. But our internet hasn't been wanting to upload pictures, so it took a while. 

Anywho, Eli is now 10 months old. 
- He is standing by himself like a champ. He can stand for several minutes without falling, but has not attempted a step yet. 
- I think he is finally getting two little front teeth. 
- He laughs, smile,  crawls around like a maniac, and is generally incredibly happy. 
- Unlike Leah, he won't really sit and let me read books. He just hits the books from my hands, or tries to eat them. 
- He loves to eat. But mainly just fruit. He can throw down some blueberries. 
- He is sleeping through the night on a semi regular basis. 
- He loves being around Leah. He will follow her everywhere. 
- He is super, super, super cuddly. 


  1. Yes, he is huge! It's pretty hilarious.

  2. Dang, what a cutie! I can't believe he can stand for that long-- what a strong boy!