Sunday, June 26, 2011

splash park

* Warning: this post contains pictures of Leah wearing only her underwear. Please avert your eyes if you consider this offensive.

So the other day, we went with friends to a super ghetto, super awesome little park that had some "water features." It was basically a normal park, surrounded by a little cement moat fill with sand, with a bunch of sprinklers and little tunnels going around everything. The kids loved it.

Water is literally hitting them in the face right now. 

They are so cute when they get along. 

Eli had a fun time too. He stood there on this little "splash pad" for a long, long time. 

Oh, the most fun thing about this park is that you have to actually drive through a cemetery to get there. Like, literally, turn into the cemetery, and go through it, and on the other side is the park. Probably why there weren't a lot of people there. And if you are not a dirt fan, then you will not be a fan of this park.

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