Wednesday, June 22, 2011

air museum

The air museum on base is possible the most air-conditioned fun you can have for free in Warner Robins. It's actually pretty nice, and Leah loves it. I've been there with the kids a couple of times with some friends, but this weekend was the first time Tony has been able to come with us. Actually, it was the first weekend that I haven't had to work on a friday night in a long long time, so we were able to do something on saturday morning.

This is the view of the front lobby from upstairs. Pretty cool.

Leah and Eli flying the airplanes.

He is at such an easy going stage right now. He's so happy no matter what we do.

There is actually tons and tons more stuff inside that we saw and did. I just don't have pictures. There are three buildings, and it would take forever to actually walk around and read/look closely at everything. After we went in the main building we walked around outside, in the "airplane graveyard." It was pretty cool. We walked around, near, under, and got on old planes. There were TONS of them.


  1. Awww, I went there ALL the time growing up!

  2. fun stuff! that's on our summer list. There's an aviation museum at Ft. Rucker (near enterprise)!