Friday, July 13, 2012

cow appreciation day

Dress up like a cow, get a free meal at chick-fil-a! There is very little I would not do for a free chick- fil-a meal.

So I did (this picture makes my face look super freaky, I don't know why). Cow costumes are not flattering, btw.

Leah told me she wanted to be a pretty cow. Hence the necklace and bows.

Elias is flashing gang signs over there... so cool!

So the outfits may not be the best, but they are super cute!


  1. Jess this is great! Ya'll are so adorable...what a great mom. If only I had some chick-fil-a close by! Maybe I should right a letter or something.

  2. Elias is AWESOME!!! And Leah looks like a combo of a cow and wilma flinstone :)