Monday, August 6, 2012

A better birthday post

So I did a little birthday post for Elias, but it was thrown together very quickly, because we have been ridiculously busy for the past two weeks putting in new hardwood floors (a post of that is coming). And although I know it's completely unfounded, I am somehow wrapped up in the notion that I have to prove my love and devotion to my second born by writing a better post.

So here it goes....

I struggled with what to do for elias's birthday for quite a while. Everything in me wanted to throw him a huge party, but after much thought I decided that do that would just be selfish. See, Elias doesn't really like big crowds. He tends to get overwhelmed and freak out when there are tons of people around. So the party would really just be for me. For me to feel like a good mom. For me to have good photo ops. For me to invite a bunch of my friends over and try to impress them with my dazzling culinary skills.

So instead we opted for cake, an afternoon at the yogurt place, and a few gifts.

He got a whole huge cup to himself, and was in heaven.

He had a blast blowing out his candles too. Andrew and Krista were down here helping with the floors, so they were able to celebrate with us as well.

All in all I think not having a big party was a good choice. Maybe next year we can do it up big for him.

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  1. Great choice for Eli on the birthday party and the floors look great!!