Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Update with bullet points

Okay, so I'm taking a quick break from Toddlers and Tiara's to do a quick update on all our fascinating comings and goings. Okay fine... I'll do this blog post while watching Toddlers and Tiara's... same dif.

- Not much has been going on up in these parts. Pretty much just everyday life.
- Elias still isn't talking very well, but I think he is understanding and following directions a little bit better.
- He is going for a hearing test on Friday, and then after that will be referred to a speech therapist. Woo Hoo!
- He is absolutely obsessed with cars, trucks, and trains. He will carry them around all day long.
- He loves to be read to. He could seriously sit and have me read to him for hours each day. He also will sit and flip through the book, mimicking all the sound effects that I make.
- He is devastatingly handsome and is generally a joy to be around. Until he doesn't get what he wants. But aren't we all like that to some extent?

- Leah is hilarious, and emotional, and very dramatic, and incredibly smart, and ridiculously sassy.
- She keeps on my toes and drives me to my knees daily. So really nothing new there.
- Leah has moved on from Jameson, and is now determined to marry Elias. You know, when she's an adult. This bothers Tony a lot. I think it's funny.
- I've been trying to do regular "pre-school" lesson time with Leah and Elias. There is a distinct correlation between how diligent I am with this, and how messy the house is.
- Leah is very into "helping" me with everything. I have started giving her some "chores" that she does. She unloads the silverware, transfers clothes from washer to dryer, and cleans her room.
- She also goes around telling people that she has a baby in her tummy, and it's name will be Sher Ryder Flynn. This gets kind of awkward.
- She quotes movies constantly. I think this is awesome.
- She doesn't take a regular nap anymore, but she does go to her room for "rest time" for at least 1 hour every day. When she does fall asleep she will get to stay up a little bit later at night (8:30). When she doesn't nap she turns into a little psycho by 6 and will be asleep by 7:30.

- Elana is delightful. She is pretty much always happy.
- She crawls around like a maniac, and is pulling up and cruising on furniture.
- she's starting to feed herself finger foods.
- She is finally sleeping through the night, but I have not yet moved her into Leah's room.
- She is still nursing 6-7 times a day.
- She is right around the 50% in height and weight, but compared to my other mammoth babies she feels tiny.
- She loves to be held, and is super snuggly. She will crawl up to me and rub her head on my legs like a cat.
- She can wave bye bye, plays peek-a-boo, gives high fives, and when you say "yay Lanie!" she will clap her hands.

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  1. Hahaha... when I was Leah's age, I wanted to marry my brother too. And my brother's name is also Elias. Weirrrrd!