Tuesday, August 7, 2012

new floors

I was going to write a huge long post detailing the day to day work we did on our floors, but thinking about it made me stressed again, so I'll settle for some pictures and a few tips.

(Btw, a huge thanks to my mom and dad for coming two weekends ago and getting this arduous process started, and a huge thanks to Andrew and Krista for coming last weekend and helping put the finishing touches on everything!)

Here are some things I learned, and some tips in case you ever want to put in your own hardwood (Okay fine, it's engineered hardwood, but whatevs) floors.

1. It WILL take longer than you think.

2. If you have carpet over a cement slab, do not assume that the cement is level. It most definitely is not.

3. When the floor is almost completely done, don't walk around on your tiptoes looking for soft spots. You will find some. Lots of them, and then it will drive you mad.

4. Cement grinders suck. Avoid it if all possible.

5. Doing your kitchen is Hell-a-hard.

6. Get a saw-zaw.... or something like that.