Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Oh Jack Bauer, how I have missed you these last 6 months.... Anyone who knows me knows how much I love 24, and, more specifically, Jack Bauer. I could write a post about how Jack is a great reflection of the Christ figure, (J for Jack, J for Jesus, hello?) but I think it's a bit sacrilegious, and I may get struck down. Anyways, after the 4 hour season premiere it seems like 24 is back with all it's typical 24 plot:
- we have the CTU director who stupidly refuses to listen to Jack, and is proven wrong
- Meddling cops who almost ruin everything
- annoying tech people who always think that their ways are better (oh wait, now we have drones instead of satellites)
- the innocent, framed person who almost gets tortured for nothing (in previous seasons she would have been tortured, unfortunately now the president "forbids it".... weak!
- The once in a lifetime multinational event that is sure to bring world peace
- a nuclear weapon on the loose
- a personal crisis that has nothing to do with the main plot, but is sure to cause a lot of trouble

All we need now is the midseason twist, a mole in the white house and in CTU, and an American who is behind everything, and we will have it all! Oh wait, Kim needs to be kidnapped, and she has to do something incredibly stupid. I think that one difference is that we now have a gentler, tamer Jack (okay, he did axe someone in the chest, which was awesome), but I still think he is, for now, more mild than he was. I know this is probably good for him, but I miss the old Jack who said "somebody get me a hacksaw" after killing a suspect in cold blood. Oh well, wether we see a mild Jack or the former Jack, I still love 24 and always will.


  1. waiting for it on DVD. one of the many sacrifices we make living outside of the US -- we get shows a little late.

    But you make me more excited for it than I was! Love that show!

    (I popped over from the link in blog frog, 'cause I've enjoyed your comments in the heated discussion today...)

  2. 4 hours really, that is kind of out of control!

  3. EEEEKKK!!! I am SO glad it is back on! My husband & I would change the channel very quickly if a commercial came on for months! That way we had no idea what was in store for the new season!