Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our day

Here are the things that we do on a typical day:

Swinging in the baby swing that is way to small for her

We like to climb up and down the stairs. She can pretty much climb up and down on her own, and does not like for me to help her. Look how proud she is!

Playing in the park wether it is cold......
Or warm

Rocking in the chair in her room

And climbing on that chair

Playing outside in her mittens. She loves to play in the mud too... real fun

Climbing on her little tower slide we bought her

Or trying to climb on her tower slide

Last but not least, playing with mommy's clothes and her lightning Mcqueen car.

Another thing we do ALL DAY LONG is read. She brings me books constantly! Like constantly. I think I have read green eggs and ham about 1000 times already. I love the fact that she loves me reading to her and I hope that this lasts long enough for me to read the chronicles of narnia and Harry Potter to her. Yes, I said Harry Potter, because I love it and think it's awesome!


  1. cute little squishy thing! she must have inherited your book gene.

  2. What an adorable little girl! And what fun you must have reading to her - I love reading to little ones! :)

    I found your blog while hopping from one to another.


  3. She's adorable! If you keep the reading up, it will last. Even until Harry Potter : ) We love that one at our house, too. Well, I do. My boys haven't been introduced yet to the books, just the movies. I'm waiting a while, since Book 4 gets pretty dark.

    Looks like fun times at your place, though! Enjoy!!

  4. She is so precious! Oh Green eggs & ham...grr! I have read that so many times that I loathe it, ha!