Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We spent this christmas at my parent's house in Gainesville. We opened gifts on christmas morning with Me, Tony, Leah, my mom and dad, Mimi and Ted, beka, and Joel. Zach, Sarah, Micah and Connor came later that afternoon, and Katie and Jered came on the 26th. So, we actually did christmas gifts three different times. Poor Andrew was with the Georgia football team in Shrievport, Louisiana and he missed everything.

On the afternoon of the 26th my mom's entire extended family came to Gainesville for a big Lee family reunion. There were about 40 people in all spread out in different houses in Gainesville, and for 3 days we played games, went to the park, went bowling, and basically had some great family time. I took almost no pictures the entire time... Sorry.

This is probably the uggliest ginger bread house I have ever seen. Tony, Jason Veatch, josh Lyons and I made it. I was primarily watching Leah, though, so I'm not taking credit for much.


  1. We LOVED having yall here. It was so fun and I loved being with Leah and getting to know her even more. Love , Mom

  2. Jess, she is beautiful! What a sweet picture!