Friday, January 1, 2010

Trip to Disney World

A couple of weeks ago Leah and I had the opportunity to spend two days at Disney World with the family that Katie nannie's for. The little girl's name is Anna; she is the sweetest little girl who is in a wheelchair and has other developmental problems. Anna loves everything disney, and being there with her made the trip even more special, because seeing her face light up when she saw the cinderella castle was just priceless. The whole trip was great, and the best part was that we did not have to wait in any lines because of Anna's wheelchair! I would love to go back in a few years when Leah is old enough to remember.

Anna never smiles in any of the pictures, but I promise she loved it.
There were christmas lights everywhere... It was awesome and really put me in the christmas spirit.

This is us at the Animal Kingdom. We went there on the first day.

Leah Loves her Minnie Mouse.
We went on an African Safari at the Animal Kingdom. It was really cool seeing all those wild animals up close.

How cool is this picture??
I am terrified of crocodiles, by the way.