Thursday, October 6, 2011


Oh, sweet Leah.

Such an innocent, sweet face. So funny, delightful, kind, and full of life. She makes me laugh all day long, an is a huge huge joy....... Most of the time.

Other times, she is like a shark. Stalking her prey, circling it, and then, when she smells blood in the water she pounces on the defenseless wounded seal.

Yes, I am that seal. I'm almost 37 weeks pregnant, and Tony is out of town this week. I am a wounded seal, operating at only half capacity. I really really think she can sense my weakness, and she takes advantage of it. And this week, I let it continue far too long.

It happens slowly, and I don't notice it at first. She becomes a little more demanding, a little more whiny, a little more difficult, and pretty soon I am just doing whatever I can to appease her and to get through the day. Well, history has proven that you can't appease a Tyrant.

This morning, after telling me "Don't wear your hair in a ponytail", and freaking out because I didn't pick up a book the "right way", I finally realized what was going on. She had almost taken over the house. And now it stops.

All day today we have been going round for round, and I have won every single one of them. And it's getting better. I will take back my house :)


  1. I'm proud of you, Jessica. You are learning some important things about parenting that take some people much longer. Hang in there, girl, and pray like you're in a battle...'cuz you are, you know.