Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Party time!

So Leah has been talking about her four-year-old party for about a year now. You know, ever since she turned three. She has been inviting people for about a year now. Like everyone. So needless to say, this party has been long anticipated, and I was ridiculously stressed out about it. You know, as if the future of her childhood happiness depended on whether or not this party was a success. Crazy, right? Don't judge me.

Really, though, planning for this party definitely brought out the "first world problems" side of things. "OMG, do you think it's okay if the cupcake garlands don't really match the lanterns?"

Or, "should we have hotdogs, chips, dip, and and veggie tray, or just hotdogs and chips, or maybe a pizza???"

Or "Why, oh why is this icing such a funky green color!!!!!! I wanted it to be bright green, not teal!!! Why do bad things always happen to good people!!!!!!!!!!"

Seriously, I was actually stressing about these things. But, the very worst fear of all, one that has plagued me since childhood, was the fear that no one would come. However, this could not possibly happen, because my parents, Beka, and Carpio arrived on friday night, so I had 4 guaranteed guests :) They helped me out a ton! Not only that, but we played a fantastic game of Settlers of Catan (or is it Katan?), one that I should have won, but Beka snatched my victory from my grasp right at the last minute. It was brutal, but I'm moving on. And, she helped out immensely at the party, so it's all good.

Okay, so I digress. Back to the party.

It was fall festival themed, so we played some amazing games.

There was the pumpkin races ( The kids rolled the pumpkins to the finish line). This game was successful.

The ball toss. The kids tossed balls through the window of the house. You know, hence the name ball toss.

Hanging apples. This game is virtually impossible. You have to take a bite of the apples without using your hands. It was hilarious to watch.

And the bike races. This game was a huge fail.

And finally, pumpkin painting. This one was a hit as well. Note to self: more tiny pumpkins, less bikes.

Oh, and this was a costume party as well. Leah was rapunzel, Tony was the man with the yellow hat, and Elias was hit uncooperative monkey.

Leah got a fantastic rapunzel hairpiece from her aunt Sarah, which just makes her outfit complete.

So anyways, the party was super fun, and a good time was had by all.


  1. In fairness to Eli, is there such thing as a cooperative monkey?

  2. so much fun! love the costumes!