Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day in the life of a sinner saved by grace

*So first off, let me say I am totally copying this idea from the really popular blog, The words and everything are mine, but I definetely got the inspiration and format from her recent post.

Here is an example of a day in the life of me.... Keep in mind that all of these times are just general gestimations, not an actual schedule.

6:00- Elana wakes up again. I pick her up, start to nurse her, and promptly fall back asleep.

7:00- Leah starts yelling MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!  At this point, if Tony has not gone to work yet (on days that he works out he leaves at 6:30) he will go in at get Leah. On other days I get her.

7:02- Leah and I go into the living room. I turn on Curious George (love me some GPB), and I silently thank God that Elias is still asleep.

7:03- Elias wakes up. I get him, hold him for a few minutes, then put him down and he watches George with Leah.

7:04- I make some coffee and start making breakfast. I cut up onions, green peppers, and start scrambling some eggs. I think to myself "man.... look at me making such an awesome breakfast for my family. I'm a great mom. I feel bad for all those poor kids who eat poptarts for breakfast."

7:05- I remember that yesterday I fed them goldfish and craisins for breakfast, and I quickly repent for my arrogance.

7:30- Breakfast is ready, George is over. We eat.

8:00- Elana wakes up. I feed her. Elias and Leah play in the playroom.

8:10- For the next 45 minutes or so, we go from room to room, getting each kid (and myself) dressed and do quick clean up of the bedrooms. By the time we leave the bedrooms, they are messy again. Very productive. But at least we are dressed!

9:00- Elias and Elana are both super cranky. I don't know why Eli is cranky every morning at this time. He just is. The next 30 minutes are spent holding them and hoping Leah is not destroying things.

9:30- Elana is asleep. Elias is happier. During this time Leah has gone into my bathroom and has put makeup on. "I'm beautiful!" she says. She looks ridiculous, and I leave it on her all day. It's funny, don't judge me.

9:30-10:30- During this time, we usually read books, do puzzles, paint, color, listen to music and dance, among other things. If Elias is happy and playing nicely by himself, Leah and I might do a little craft, or work on numbers and letters. If it's pretty, we go outside. I try to sneak off and get a few minutes to myself now and then. My "alone time" usually lasts about 30 seconds until they come careening down the hallway to find me. As Leah says "mommies don't need privacy."

10:30- Snack time. The kids eat something generally healthy like apples or bananas. Maybe some cheese and raisins. I eat nutella bread. It's not fair, I know.

10:35- Elana wakes up again. I feed her while the others eat. After she eats she is usually awake for a while. She is either happy and sitting in the swing, or she is not happy, and I hold her in my Moby wrap. Both good.

10:45- 11:30- This is kids play by themselves, (either voluntarily or forced), and I make lunch and try to pick up a little time. Also known as kids destroy one area of the house while I clean up another. Seems counterproductive....

11:30- Lunch time!

11:45- Lunch is over. Kids play by themselves for a few minutes and I clean the kitchen. Leah sometimes "helps" me sweep and Elias likes to climb in the dishwasher.

12:00- We all clean up the playroom. We don't do this every day. Okay, so we hardly ever do this, but it seems like a good idea. Maybe I will start doing this more.

12:10- 1:00- Elana is sleeping. We read books, play together a little more. I put Elias down and I spend some time reading "big girl books" with Leah. I put Leah down.

1:00- 3:00 ish: NAP TIME!!!!!!!!! I spend this time diligently cleaning, preparing for the rest of the day, organizing and decorating. HAH.... thats totally not true. I clean up quite a bit, but I try to actually relax during this time, watch some netflix, and unwind. I feed elana at some point during this time, and then she usually stays up for about an hour or so, then goes back to sleep. Gotta love it when newborns sleep 18 plus hours a day.

3:30- Leah starts yelling "Mommy, I want to wake up!".  I yell back "Well then get up!"

3:32- Elias wakes up. I go in a get him. He usually has a dirty diaper, and Leah says "yuck! Eli stinks... change him mommy!". Naturally, because I'm a great mom like that, I change his diaper. We spend a couple of minutes getting everyone dressed.

3:38- snack time!

4:00- If it's not raining,  and If I feel like it, we go outside. I'm usually wearing Elana at this point. I don't know if I will ever be in shape again, but I'm telling you I'm going to have an amazingly strong back (because of the babywearing, not because I'm obsessively working out my back. That would be weird.) Just an fyi, we really really love playing outside. Life is better when we can play outside.

If we can't go out, then we usually paint, play with play-doh, or try to do some sort of craft (usually involving paint or play-doh. Sometimes we paint play-doh). Leah likes to paint random things, like pinecombs, and acorns, and boxes, and her clothes, and Eli. She will find something in the house, like my phone, or a book, and say "Mommy I paint this and make it BeaUtiful!" Sometimes I am too absorbed in something super important (like facebook) and I'll just say "okay, sounds good". Then she paints it. (Elias and I read a few books together, do puzzles, and he plays with his toys and Elana is usually super happy around this time).

Leah usually melts down several times between now and bedtime. Only when seriously provoked, though, like if her sock doesn't fit right, or if Elias drinks her apple juice. I patiently and gently spend several minutes with her during each meltdown, disciplining her appropriately with no anger or frustration and refocusing her heart on Christ. All right, maybe not every time..... and even if I do, in the back of my mind is the thought "wow, I nailed that one. I'm pretty awesome. Good thing she has me as a  mom!" The blood of Christ has to redeem my good parenting as well as my bad parenting. Pretty humbling.

I start telling Leah "That's a great idea! I'll bet your daddy would love to do that with you when he gets home!" every time she asks me to do something.

4:30 ish- Tony gets home anywhere between 4:00 and 5:30. It just depends on what time he leaves in the morning. I leave one, two or all three of them with him while I take an actual walk. (Since I don't have a triple stroller, and since Leah can't walk very fast it's impossible for me to take all three of them. I am hoping that Leah will learn how to ride a tricycle soon and we can all go together. )

5:00- The kids and Tony play outside. I feed Elana again and start making dinner.

5:30- Depending on how they are acting, and how tired we are, they watch TV from now till dinner. Usually curious George, or a part of a disney movie.

6:00- We sit down to eat. Elana starts crying literally the moment I pick up my fork. Seriously, it never fails. I'm just about spent at this point. It's becoming incredibly hard for me to be patient (because before it was a breeze).

6:15- Tony does dishes and I give the kids a bath. Or vice versa. Or I just decide that I don't feel like giving them a bath, and I let them watch a little bit more TV instead. It usually depends on how much TV they have watched until now. I try to keep their TV viewing to less than 1 hour a day. Doesn't always happen.

6:45- Kids are dressed for bed. Elana decides she only wants to held. We let Eli and leah run around in circles for a while. Leah like to yell "I'm gonna beat after my buddy!" while chasing him around the room. I have no idea what this means, or why she started saying it. Sometimes she knocks him down "accidentally on purpose" but thankfully she is not doing that much anymore.

7:00- I read a few books to Elias, right now his favorites are "Mr. Brown can moo", and "sleepyhead", sing a few songs, give him milk and put him to bed.

7:15- We read a few books to Leah. Tony reads her a story from the Jesus storybook bible.

7:30- Leah goes to bed. I sing "baby mine" and Jesus Loves Me, and we both pray with her.

7:35- Party Time!!!!!!!!!!!

I was going to write more, but this is ridiculously long and I highly doubt anyone will actually read it to the end. It's probably the most I have ever written in 4 years. And it took me about a week to write it. Sad.


  1. This made me laugh....reminding me of when my kids were little. The thing that is different now is how much time I spend in the car, running kids here, picking up their friends, feeding their friends......and they are awake as long (usually longer) than I am. Hang in there -- you are doing a great job!

  2. Jess this was great, thank you. Sarah said she couldn't stop laughing, and sympathizing with you. At least we all get to go through this crazy time together :)

  3. Oh my goodness, this post is awesome! Thanks for sharing! I still can't believe you're a mom of three. Reading this actually made me think of our childhood and how you could probably replace the kid's names with Zach, Jessica, and Katie, and then this would've been what it was like for Mom! Can't wait to see y'all soon!