Thursday, December 22, 2011

deep convo's

Here is my latest attempt at making the gospel real for Leah:

-"Mommy, you and daddy woke me up last year!" (everything is last year)
- "Oh, I'm sorry. Did that make you sad?"
- "No, it made me angry!"
- "I'm sorry it made you angry, can you forgive me?"
- "Yes, but you woke me up!"
- "yeah... i know I woke you up, but I said I was sorry, and you said you forgave me. Do you know why we have to forgive others?"
- "Because you woke me up!"
- "No, its because God forgives us whenever we sin, right?"
- "NO, you woke me up!"
- "Yes, I know that... but we are talking about what Jesus did for us. He died on the cross for our sins, right? So now we can forgive others. "
- "Jesus didn't wake me up, you woke me up!"
- "your right. I'm sorry."
- "yeah... you woke me up."

I let it go after that. One track mind.....

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