Sunday, December 11, 2011

Orlando, day 2

On our second day there (tuesday) I decided to take the kids to the Orlando Science Center. We had a blast! They had a little kids section called "Kids town".

I like this picture because it seems like I made it purposefully blurry, to be all artsy and stuff. I didn't. It's just blurry.

They had a great time splashing in the water, 

playing with all the musical instruments

Running through the "streets"

And playing in the spaceships, among many other things. 

You might be wondering where Elana is during all this fun. Well, she is in my moby wrap. She loves that thing so much, and it's great! 

The hardest part of these outings was getting from the hotel room to the van and vice versa, but once were actually at our locations, things went surprisingly well. 

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