Saturday, December 10, 2011

Orlando, part 1

So this past week Tony had to go to Orlando for work, and after much deliberation and trepidation, we (the kids and myself) decided we would go with him. Kinda crazy, I know, but we had a pretty great time.

Now, what to do all day, by yourself, in Orlando with 3 kids 3 and under, one of whom nurses every 2 hours? The obvious answer to that is Disney World, but as it turns out, Disney world is a little pricey, and I'm just not sure going to disney by myself with them would be worth it. Not to mention it would be exhausting. So we decided we would go to disney on Friday, because Tony could come with us, and the rest of the time I came up with fun "alternative" outings because there is no way I am spending 4 days in a hotel room by myself with 3 kids. (just a pet peeve side note, when I google "fun free things to do in orlando with kids", why are the suggestions things like: go to the beach??? The beach is 2 hours away!!!! I want things to do in Orlando.... like in the city!!!! Not some natural spring halfway across the state! Moving on..... )

Before now, I was pretty much terrified of going anywhere by myself with all 3 them. All the worst case scenarios kept going through my mind: "what if Leah decides to melt down, and Elias starts throwing a tantrum, and the baby starts screaming and I'm all by myself.... what do I do?? What is Leah needs to go to the bathroom, and Elias runs away, and Leah pees on herself, and the Elana throws up everywhere, and then Elias has a dirty diaper..... what do I do???"

Well, by 10:00 monday morning I knew I had to at least try, cause the hotel room just wasn't cutting it. Our day 1 outing was to a pretty little lake and park near our hotel room.

We played on the playground,

climbed trees,

went for a walk

played by the lake

and walked out on the dock to look for alligators. We didn't see any alligators.

But I did realize that being on the dock with two kids while wearing your newborn was probably not the smartest move.

So we left the dock pretty quickly. On a side note, when we left the dock there were thousands of black birds in the trees behind us. It was kind of scary.

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