Sunday, December 18, 2011


The big day has arrived. I was really really worried that I had built up all these expectations, and they would all be dashed, but the Magic Kingdom did not fail us. We had a fantastic time. Leah was in absolute heaven the whole time we were there, and I think Elias enjoyed it as well.

Every time there was a parade, or a show, Elias wanted to get out of his stroller to dance.

There are a lot of parades and shows at disney, so this happened a lot. I think we came at the perfect time of year. The weather was perfect, and the crowds were not too too bad. The longest we had to wait in line was about 20 minutes.

Elana was in my Moby wrap almost the whole time, so she was able to go on all the rides with me. I use the term "ride" very loosely. We didn't do Space Mountain or anything like that.

We rode on the massive carousel, and they all loved that.

We spun around on the teacups,

(I swear Eli was a lot happier than he looks right now)

We rode on the pirates of the Caribbean ride, which was probably a little bit too scary for them. But Tony and I enjoyed that one :). We also flew through neverland, and we Tony and Leah rode on the Dumbo ride.

I think the most fun we had was on the river safari ride. None of the animals were real, but they looked really really good, and leah didn't know the difference. At one point we were surrounded by about 30 elephants, and she was absolutely freaking out. "Mommy there's a baby elephant, and a daddy elephant! and Baby Dumbo! and Big Dumbo!"

We also watched a couple of shows, danced and twirled on the street, and got some pictures with our favorite characters.

But the highlight for Leah was meeting some of the princesses. There was such a long line to meet all of them, and at first there was no way I was going to stand in line to meet someone dressed up like a princess. But then I realized that to Leah, this WAS a princess. She literally thinks that its the real cinderella, and the real Belle, and the real Sleeping Beauty, and she could not have been more excited to see them.

The day was fun and exhausting. Just as a side note, I remember going to six flags as a family, and my dad would take me, Zach, and Katie and would do all the big roller coaster. I have no idea what my mom did with the other 3 all day, but I realize now that it was probably not easy.

Anywho, we had a great time! I can't wait to come back in a couple of years when our kids are older :)

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  1. HOW FUN!!!! Love your thoughts about Leah and the princesses and so sweet to see her talking to Belle (she's my favorite!)