Thursday, May 24, 2012


So this past weekend at my cousin's wedding I was describing my life in 3 words... words like "hectic", "chaotic", "stressful", "busy", "crazy" were all coming to mind, but the one adjective I kept coming back to was "blessed".

Now lets be honest, "I'm so blessed" is a total Christian cliche, and I  don't like to use Christian cliches. But I really can't describe my life without using that word. Because I am blessed. Blessed beyond belief.

I have a savior who loves me more than I dare imagine.

I have a husband who loves me and shows me grace every day. He is a great father, and his patience with my craziness astounds me.

I have three beautiful children who never cease to amaze me. They make me laugh, cry, and cause me to seek Jesus daily in ways that I never have before.

I never imagined that this stage of my life would be this hard. Or that I would love it so much. It's a weird dichotomy.

So here I am, embracing the camera with my little princesses.

And now with my little man:

Elias kept on smiling and saying: "CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" so I kept taking pictures of him. It was cute.


  1. You are blessed. I watched you this past weekend and thought, "Oh, my goodness! That girl is does she do it?" Weird, huh? I have a few kids as close in age and you do, but the little-kid-busyness seems like a blur. Did I really know how to juggle as well as you seem to do? Was I really able to keep my train of thought after being interrupted 13 times in one conversation? I have no idea, but I will encourage you with this reminder...this stage of mothering will be over before you can imagine. The challenges of school-aged children will follow, but you'll never feel as physically tired everyday as you do now. If I could do young motherhood over, I would do a few things differently: 1-go out with my husband, without kids, at least once a week, 2-learn to take a nap when my kids did, and 3-exercise everyday...and that doesn't mean running after the kids while they're at the playground. A lot of my frustration back then probably was exacerbated by my utter exhaustion. Hang in there, Niece, and carve out some time for you. I think you're a wonderful mom.

    1. Thanks Aunt Alice! That was very encouraging, and great advice!

  2. Well said, Jess. We are blessed indeed!