Monday, May 21, 2012

blog world/real world

So this is my blog world post: 

We went to the park today after nap time, and we all had a wonderful time.

My sweet eldest daughter helped push her sister on the swing with such a great attitude.

Elias was in a great mood and loved walking around and playing on the slide.

Elana got her first taste of the swing, and enjoyed every second of it.

What a wonderful day at the park!!!!!!!!!

Here is the real world (or at least my world): 

We got to the park, and the first 5 minutes went as described above.... Then:
I put Elias and Elana in the swing together, and that worked well for about 5 seconds until Leah started freaking out because "WHO AM I GOING TO SWING WITH!!!!!!!!!!"

I left the poor babies hanging in the swing for about 10 minutes while Leah screamed her head off

Then we spent 5 minutes swinging, Leah literally crying the whole time.

After that she went and pouted on the bench, and Elias played on the slide.

That is, he would climb half way up, then start crying, refusing to go up or down.

I had Elana in the baby carrier, which was killing my shoulders and back, so I had to repeatedly go up and get him.

I finally called it quits and guided (dragged) the kids back in the car after only 20 minutes....

What a wonderful day at the park!!!!!

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