Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ode to Mom

So, I was talking with my sis Katie, and she mentioned that she was working on a mother's day post, so I was like "great idea, I'll write one too!" So yeah, I totes took this idea from her...

My mom is awesome. No seriously, like really really awesome. I've always loved and admired my mom. I feel like we had a good relationship when I was growing up, and our relationship has just continued growing and blossoming as I have become a mother myself. However, as a child/teen/young adult, I really had no idea how amazing she really was. Mainly because I was super selfish, and I didn't really think of her as a person, per se.... I mean, she was my mom. Of course she would play with me, feed me, clothe me, sacrifice everything for me day in day out... that's what they do, right?? I remember that as we got older, my mom would say "Do yall realize that I'm a person too???" We were like "blah blah blah".... but now, I get it.

My three year old says things like: "mommy's don't get privacy", and "you're not a woman, you're a mommy!".... And I get it...

One of the things that strikes me most, now that I have three little children of my own, is how many things  we used to do growing up that I remember as being super fun.... but they probably were not super fun for my mom. Like traveling on an airplane with 6 kids.... I thought it was awesome, but I'll bet she was a little bit stressed. Like going to six flags, and dad would take Zach, Katie, and me (myself, me??? how does one say that correctly?) and mom would do who knows what with the three younger ones all day in the glaring heat.... Seriously mom, what did yall do all day? Going on super long bike rides with all six of us, dragging us around Paris, Versailes, hiking up mountains, camping setting up and taking down massive tents in the pouring rain.

We did all of this, and so much more. As a child all I remember is how much fun it was. As a mom, I think of all these things, and I realize how incredibly exhausting and tiring it must have been for my parents (especially my mom, because it's mothers day. Your post will come later, dad.) But I don't remember her ever complaining... In fact, it was usually her spurring us on.

For reals, mom, you made having 6 kids look easy!

Anyways, I could go and on, but I'm super tired. The point is, my mom's amazing, and I'm realizing this more and more every day. I lOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!

Happy Mother's day!

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  1. I literally just finished my Mother's Day post. We totes said almost the same thing. Crazy. And awesome. Crawesome. Love this post, btdubs.